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Canada Continues to Rank #1 Among English Speaking Countries

Canada Continues to Rank #1 Among English Speaking Countries

December 3rd, 2019

Dear All,

As mentioned in my email last week, the OECD, Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, announced its PISA, Programme for International Student Assessment, results today from their headquarters in Paris.  PISA rankings are updated every three years, and in the most recent results from 2018, Canada has once again scored very favourably. 
Canada continues to rank #1 among English speaking countries in reading, math and science, and it scored higher than all the other G7 countries.  Of the over 80 economies which volunteered to participate in the assessment, Canada is among the very top in all categories measured.  With these results, we will not be revising our existing key messages as they relate to PISA. 
It is interesting to note that Canada is the largest country in terms of population and geography to perform so well.  As well, in countries such as Singapore which rank higher in the PISA standings than Canada, Maple Bear is proving to be a popular choice for parents.  
One final point to remember is that Maple Bear’s curriculum is proprietary and represents the best of Canadian education. The PISA results do not represent an evaluation of the Maple Bear curriculum or the results that our students achieve while attending Maple Bear schools. It is for this reason that the PISA results have been just one of our key messages and not the only key message, as we cannot control or change the results for Canada.
Michelle Tice
Director of Global Communications
Maple Bear Global Schools Ltd.


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